In a tweet that he sent out today, President Trump criticized Mitch McConnell saying it was too soon to “give up” after McConnell finally threw in the towel and said Biden won.

“Mitch, 75,000,000 VOTES, a record for a sitting President (by a lot). Too soon to give up. Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry!” Trump tweeted.

As you know, during yesterday’s floor remarks, McConnell finally admitted that Biden won the election.

“The Electoral College has spoken, so today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. The president-elect is no stranger to the Senate. He’s devoted himself to public service for many years,” McConnell said

The Twitter community went ballistic immediately.

One person tweeted, “All I can tell you is I will never vote or be active in politics again if this fraudulent election is allowed to stand. They finally broke the one thing we still had – a reliable right to vote, and a vote that mattered. I will no longer invest one more second into a rigged scam.”

Another person tweeted, “You’re damn straight we’re angry @realDonaldTrump. If they’re allowed to steal this election there will be war!!! Keep fighting Mr. President. We’re with you!!”

One person said, “Hey Republican patriots… show mitch who’s really in charge. Encourage like minded Georgia Republican Patriots to write in Donald J Trump on BOTH senatorial run-off elections. It’s the only way to fire that turncoat mitch mcconnell!”

Another person said, “Trump clearly won this election, anyone who thinks this isn’t the case must have been one of the 6 people in circles at a biden “rally””

What are your thoughts on this?