Daniel Scavino Jr. is an American political advisor serving as the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media for the White House.  Last night Scavino reportedly put up a tweet only to have it taken down a short time later.

An individual at the Donald.win reported this story first.  Apparently Dan Scavino put up a tweet showing the picture above and he shared:

This tweet was taken down a short time later.  This morning, the tweet is not showing at Dan Scavino, Jr. or Dan Scavino twitter accounts:

The picture reportedly tweeted by Scavino appears to be from earlier this year since there are leaves on the trees.  This could have been taken a month ago or before.

What is Scavino trying to tell us?  Who all is in the picture along with Scavino and President Trump?  When was this taken?  What is this all about?