This wasn’t “slapped together” — they spent four long years perfecting this plot

The deeper we get into the sludge and muck of the 2020 election, the more obvious it is that this was a really well-thought-out plan that was not slapped together at the last minute.

That’s exactly what Sidney Powell discussed in an appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday.
Sidney, who has jumped into the deep end of the election pool, nailed it when she said this was a “masterful Machiavellian scheme.”You can listen to the interview below:

Sidney is right…this was a well-thought-out plan. They spent four years perfecting it – the only thing they didn’t anticipate was Trump having such a landslide victory, so that threw things off the rails a bit.

But still, they dotted all their ‘i’s” and crossed all their “t’s.” And of course, it helps to have the judiciary, state legislatures, and local officials in your pocket as well.