Jim Jordan & Mo Brooks’ Plan To Challenge Election Results Is Dropping Jaws in DC

Appearing on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, Reps. Jim Jordan and Mo Brooks discussed their plans to challenge electoral college results.

Mo Brooks wrote on Twitter:

“It was great to join Sunday Morning Futures w/ @MariaBartiromo today alongside stalwart fighter @Jim_Jordan to discuss the growing movement in Congress to reject unreliable electoral college votes from Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, & Michigan.”


Additionally, Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted that “House Democrats have tried to object to every Republican president elected in the last 20 years. But the media says that #JAN6 is “unprecedented.”

The hypocrisy on the left is unprecedented.

They have voiced objections to the count against the three last Republican presidents. But of course, when they did it it was ‘protecting Democracy.’ Now that the Republicans are raising objections, suddenly, doing so is ‘sedition’ and ‘treason’ to the Democrats.

Take a look at the actual videos of the Democrats raising objections, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), so we can see, in the flesh, how deceitful they are.