This could be their most conniving move to date

It’s become abundantly clear at this point that Dems will say or do anything in order to gain power.

So it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that they’re literally trying to bend the law in order to convict Trump of his so-called “impeachable offense.”

Their latest move against Trump was to force him to testify at his impeachment trial, which he quickly refused, but now the Dems are using that as yet another reason to convict him.

Thankfully top lawyer Jonathan Turley has stepped in to end this nonsense.

A former law professor, Raskin declared that the decision of Trump not to testify could be cited or used by House managers as an inference of his guilt — a statement that contradicts not just our constitutional principles but centuries of legal writing…

…The statement was a conflicts with one of the most precious and revered principles in American law that such a refusal to testify cannot be used against an accused party…

…There appears no price too great to pay to impeach or prosecute Trump. If everything is now politics, this trial is little more than a raw partisanship cloaked in constitutional pretense.

…It is true that this is not a criminal trial. It is a constitutional trial. The Senate should try an accused according to our highest values, including respecting the right to remain silent without “inferences” drawn from the fact that (like prior presidents)Trump will testify

We’re certainly not law professors here, but even we know that you can’t force someone to testify.

Dems are obviously backed into a corner and are desperately grasping at anything in order to save face.