Is a day of reckoning finally coming for the “2020 cabal”? Is some much-deserved payback finally coming to the shrews who are running Michigan?

Maybe…but it depends who the investigators are. Michigan Election Officials have just been ordered to hand over all communications they had with Big Tech or Dominion Voting Systems.

This move comes after many questions and concerns have been raised over the 2020 election.

But even bigger, also any communication with Dominion.

From Big Leauge Politics

Michigan election officials are being ordered to hand over records of communications they had with tech giants such as Google and Facebook with regards to 2020 elections that were marred with credible fraud allegations.

Antrim County Circuit Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer is forcing Michigan election officials to produce all communications with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple related to the 2020 elections.

Elsenheimer has also ordered Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and her Bureau of Elections to produce communications with Dominion Voting System and Election Source, the companies responsible for computerized voting systems in Antrim County and much of the state.

Attorney Matthew S. DePerno and his client, William Bailey are the patriots who sued to get these records produced. They hope this is the beginning of real transparency regarding the vast amount of irregularities that occurred on election day in Michigan and other battleground states across the country.

As I mentioned above, it will really depend on who is investigating this whether or not we’ll have actual transparency or get any tuth.

Honestly, I don’t think we’ll know what really happened in 2020 (with widespread proof reported by everyone) for many, many years – long after this evil communist Dem regime and propaganda media has finally been destroyed.