This level of backstabbing is mind-boggling…and very, very well orchestrated…

When you think of GOP traitors, people like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and John McCain come to mind.

And those people are all traitors, but who you should be thinking about is actually Bill Barr – that bagpipe-playing blowhard was the biggest traitor of all.

Like Pence, he flew under the radar.

That’s the revelation from top Tump aide Peter Navarro who just told Maria Bartiroma that William Barr was actually working with the Biden admin to prepar all those EO’s that he’s been signing.

Navarro was a top aide and valued assistant to President Trump, and what he’s saying about Barr helping Biden with EO’s is jaw-dropping.

But it’s even worse than that, according to Navaro, Bar hass been wporking againsst the Trump admin for the past year. ‘Peter Navarro on Maria Bartirimo: Bill Barr worked against the Trump admin for last year of admin”

Here’s what Newsmax is reporting:

“Trump advisor Peter Navarro confirms to @MariaBartiromo that former AG Bill Barr prevented 30 Trump Administration executive orders from being finalized after Election Day.”

It’s just sstoamch-turning to hear this

“Did you ever wonder how Biden had so many Executive Orders to sign on his first day in office? Confirmed Sunday morning on FOX Peter Navarro, Presidential assistant for President Trump, confirmed that former AG Bill Barr helped Biden get 30 EO’s ready to sign”

According to the report, the EO’s were being “fast-tracked” 90 days before Biden occupied the White House. However, there weren’t “90 days” between the election and when Biden “‘took over,” so the math doesn’t add up, and reports indicate this was why Barr was asked to retire early.

“Fascinating revelation from Peter Navarro that the Office of Legal Counsel began working to fast track Biden’s EOs 90 days before he took office – all of which would attempt to undo all of Trump’s accomplishments. The same office dragged their feet four years earlier.”

So, when exactly did they know Biden was going to win, anyway?

This entire 2020 election just keeps getting more bizarre by the minute.

It’s amazing that President Trump was able to accomplish as much as he did in four years – he literally had everyone working against him on the outside and the inside of his of his admin.

From the obvious traitors like Mitt and McCain to the less obvious like Pence and Barr. No matter what, the swamp is one bog club and they all protect each other.