After Democrats Push For Min Wage Hike – Biden Lets Loose On A Private Call “Doesn’t look like we can do it”

When Joe Biden took office, the radical left got pretty excited. They expected this “moderate” to do their bidding.

Things looked good, when he axed the Keystone XL Pipeline, ended the border wall construction, and signed a mountain of orders aimed at rolling back Trump’s agenda.

But suddenly, it appears Biden is hitting the brakes on one of their top demands. Because during a call with leaders he admitted it “doesn’t look like we can do it.”

From Politico:

When Joe Biden met with a group of mayors and governors last week he bluntly told them to get ready for a legislative defeat: his proposed minimum wage hike was unlikely to happen, he said, at least in the near term…

Sitting in the Oval Office with Republican and Democratic elected officials last Friday to advocate for his $1.9 trillion Covid relief package, he didn’t hide his skepticism.

“Doesn’t look like we can do it,” he said of the minimum wage hike.

Joe Biden was forced to admit to a group of mayors and governors that a federally mandated $15/hour minimum wage likely won’t be happening anytime soon.

It seems Biden puts the blame on the Democrats’ use of the “nuclear option”: forcing their spending bill through via reconciliation to circumvent Republicans.

That move might help them get plenty of their agenda through, but it will burn through much of their “political capital.”

Biden seems to understand that they can’t force all their demands through reconciliation. Despite what the left wants, the drastic increase in minimum wage isn’t something that can just be forced through.

This must truly outrage those Americans who thought Biden was their fast track of a socialist utopia. By admitting he likely can’t get this done right now, Biden is slamming the brakes on the left’s full-speed-ahead approach.

That puts the $15/hour goal into jeopardy. If the Democrats want to get anything done during Biden’s administration, they have a scant few months to do so.

2022 is just around the corner. Many predict that Democrats will lose the House. They might not even be able to hold onto their 50/50 Senate situation. If they can’t get the $15/hour plan through now, they might not ever.

I wonder how many of them are suddenly feeling buyer’s remorse over Sleepy Joe? Too bad they can’t return him.