Republicans Just Delivered Liz Cheney’s Punishment – After Voting To Impeach Trump

From the moment House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) spoke out against President Donald Trump, she earned enemies in her own party.

Her fellow Republicans pushed back against Cheney’s calls to impeach the former POTUS. Some even wanted her stripped of her high rank in the House, though that always seemed unlikely.

However, while Cheney hasn’t been removed, she has been officially punished.

For weeks, various House Republicans and GOP members in the state of Wisconsin have pursued Cheney. They simply refused to let her get away with accusing the former President. And after Cheney joined 9 other Republicans in voting to convict Trump, the efforts to censure the House Conference Chair intensified.

That has all led to this (from Breitbart citing the Casper Star-Tribune):

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) has now been censured by Republican Parties in ten Wyoming counties and that number could continue to climb.

Cheney might be able to keep her job – for the time being, at least – but this is no small matter. She wasn’t merely censured in one or two counties, but 10 counties. And those who voted against her had some pretty strong words for Cheney, too.

For example, the Sweetwater County Republican Party said she “betrayed the trust and failed to honor the will of the very large majority of motivated Wyoming voters who elected her.

The resolution added that Cheney “voted in an anarchic proceeding against President Donald J. Trump.” On top of this, the Republican Party asserted that the House Chair went against the majority of Wyoming citizens and “devalued the political influence” of the state as well.

And they haven’t stopped trying to oust Cheney, either:

Over half of the House Republican Conference has committed to vote to remove Cheney from her leadership role.

If they’re successful in getting rid of Cheney, potential replacements include Reps. Lee Zeldin and Elise Stefanik, both Republicans from New York.

Cheney has refused to step down, though, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently voiced his support of her: he called her an “important leader” in the party.

Of course, that led to a lot of backlash against McConnell, as expected.

Republicans just aren’t happy with members of their party who turned against the former President, and they’re going to make that abundantly clear.