[VIDEO] CNN Just Made a Very Cunning Move…What Are They Up To?

This is a big, bold shift for CNN…what the heck are they up to right now?

This horrific story from China isn’t “news” to most of us…but apparently, it’s news to CNN, who has been playing “coverup” for China and Joe Biden. As a matter of fact, everyone on the left plays coverup for China – Hollywood, the NBA, and Dem politicians. Heck, Hunter Biden does business with them — as we speak.

The stories of genocide and gang rape and “Chinese concentration camps” for religious dissidents have been floating around for a long time now – all while the New York Times and WAPO have been doing puff pieces on how great China is. But suddenly CNN has taken notice of this horrid story.

Let’s face it, they’ve always known what’s been going on, so the big question now is – what’s happening? Why is CNN now reporting on this? The timing and topic are very odd, so what is CNN up to?

Alyson Camerota appears “shocked” in this clip, but the interesting thing to note is how in-depth this piece is that CNN put out against China.

You can watch the video below:

This seems like a very strange time for CNN to all of a sudden decide to do actual reporting and it goes against everything we know about this fake news channel.

Not to mention, this is a really hefty hit-piece on China…another something we’re not used to seeing from CNN, who has been a mouth-piece for Biden and China – partners in crime.

I am not sure what is going on, but something is shifting with CNN.