[VIDEO] Dems Are Always Guilty of What They Accuse Others Of…Here’s Biggest Proof Yet…

Oh Joe, your past just came back to haunt you big time…time to impeach? The left is always always always guilty of the “crimes” they claim others are committing. Always.

And the latest incident at the Capitol is no exception. We found that out thanks to a flashback video of Joe Biden on Letterman’s show.

During the interview, Joe told Letterman that he was arrested once for storming the Capitol and sting in one of the chairs.

Oh, really??

So, by today’s standards, shouldn’t Joe be impeached?

You can watch the video below:

The left doesn’t care about being called hypocrites – all they care about is power…and if Republicans had a real spine, they’d pounce on this and make a huge spectacle and actually file articles of impeachment.

It may not go anywhere, but who cares, that’s how you fight and assert yourself.