Watch: TikToker Just Ended “Woke Black Liberalism” With Savage “Mic-Drop” Video

Well, if you’re looking for today’s “mic-drop” moment, here ya go 🎤

When I saw this video online, I knew I had to get it to you.

This Ticktoker has had it with leftist wokeism. It’s permeating absolutely everything. From soft drinks to politics to church and science it’s everywhere. Enough is enough.

And part of the “wokeness” from the left is looking back in time, instead of focusing on now and the future.

Many black Americans are focused so much on their ancestor’s past that they’re allowing Dem politicians to destroy their present and future.

And this Tiktoker user has had enough.

He made this video to respond to one of his followers who called him out for not using his platform to talk about his ancestors who were slaves.

This is one of those mic-drop moments.

You can watch the video below (language warning):

There’s nothing wrong with being vocal about your past or your ancestor’s past, but if it’s clouding your judgment about the present, it might be an issue.

The current state of the black community is not the slave-owning founding father’s fault – it’s the Democrat Party’s fault. They’ve done NOTHING for black Americans.

And Dems love that so many of their voters are not focusing on that fact…which is why things may never change, because these snake oil politicians will never be held accountable.

That’s why this guy’s video is so spot-on.