I’m sorry…come again?

Joe Biden just delivered remarks that have many people scratching their heads…

In the video, you can barely determine what Biden is saying or what he’s actually talking about. It’s literally complete garble goop…and I’m sorry, this doesn’t sound like a stutter.

Check it out:

Liberals will instantly come out and say this is his so-called “speech impediment,” but honestly, it sounds like much more than that.

Users on Twitter were also appalled by Biden’s jumbled and confused speech:

It’s PAINFUL. Good grief America, what have you done?

You can see him lean forward and squint at the teleprompter for a few seconds before trying to say whatever he was supposed to. This is really sad what they’re doing with him.

How is this not an abuse of the elderly at this point?

“The only way….. ma;kjgfqp8y6 rtkjynwmoieunbyah u879jh?;kjh;.”
So inspirational.
We’re in great hands.

I can’t believe this is the most powerful man in the free world….how embarrassing for us all

This is incredibly painful to watch. He’s so out of it. Shame on his friends and family for letting him continue to do this.

His words are moving….in a thousand directions.

This man does not appear to be well and you have to wonder if someone in this “shape” is actually fit to give public speeches or run this country.