“Red-Pilled” Elon Musk Just Humiliated WAPO With One of The Best Burns Ever

This is one for the history books folks. There is nothing better than watching the smug, elitist, lying media get slammed.

I miss seeing President Trump do it on a daily basis, but luckily there are some good people stepping up to take over while he’s gone.

And one of those people is Tesla owner and “red-pilled” billionaire Elon Musk, who apparently doesn’t like the fake news media either.

I gotta tell you, this could be one of the greatest “media burns” ever.

It looks like WAPO was writing a piece on Tesla, and when they reached out “repeatedly” for comment from Mr. Musk, his only reply to them was this gem:

“Give my regards to your puppet master.”

Ha! Beautiful, and very well done, Elon.

Of course, that’s a direct jab at the very progressive billionaire and owner of WAPO Jeff Bezos.

It’s funny, the so-called “reporter” who added that to his piece, likely thought he was smearing Elon, when in fact it’s the other way around.

These progressive activists masquerading as journalists lack any and all self-awareness. I absolutely love seeing these smug jerks get taking down a peg or two.

They just don’t understand how much the American public loathes them. It’s great to see that Elon Musk “gets it.”

Bezos is most definitely is the “puppet master.” That’s something President Trump pointed out on several occasions.