GOOD LORD, look at the people, and the listen to those horns honking for Trump’s upcoming speech…WOW

Joe Biden wishes he could get huge crowds of people to come out and wave a flag for him or honk their horns. But he can’t – because the man has no support.

Yes, I know they’ll tell you that he won the most votes in the history of our nation, but they’re full of it – and we all know it – so, I’ll just leave it at that.

Today, at about 3:40 pm EST President Trump will take the stage at CPAC and kick off his “political comeback.”

And the hordes of people outside right now are off the charts. I have several videos to share with you and trust me, they’ll put you in a festive mood.

Listen to the cars honking horns for our America First President…It’s amazing. Makes me very emotional — in a good way!


Everyone is so excited about this speech – it’s all anyone can talk about today online.

I can’t wait to see how many people watch the speech. It’ll be off the charts. I wonder if Joe will be watching, or is it on during his nap time?