Folks say Kamala looks like she’s watching her prey, ready to pounce…

It’s only been about 40 or so days, and Joe already looks like he’s aged 25 years. He looks tired, feeble, and he sounds confused and like he’s in way over his head.

Things are not going well for Biden or his admin.

A slew of his voters are angry and regretting their votes. They’re mad because he hasn’t kept his promises.

There won’t be any 2K checks and the stimulus payments that were coming on “day one” still haven’t gone out.

Biden re-opened the so-called “cages” on the border, and bombed Syria, killing a reported 22 people.

And his voters are really, really mad.

Take a look:

Are Joe’s days numbered?

After all, there are only so many silly “61% approval polls” the media can release before even the most gullible people start getting suspicious.

By the looks of poor ol’ Joe, the walls (or blankets) are caving in on him and Kamala is circling n the sky — some say she looks like a “buzzard” circling around Joe, just waiting for him to drop.


“Kamala waiting like a buzzard. He could drop at any time”

Here are some comments:

“Kamala just waiting for the day they 25th amendment Joe.”

“I love how Kamala is basically his nurse aid.”

“Why is Kamala around him all the time? That’s very odd.”

This is the weirdest “presidency” I’ve ever seen…There’s nothing normal about it. It feels like some slapped-together nonsense.

Actually, it feels exactly like Joe’s failed and lackluster campaign.

Are we even getting a SOTU Address? It doesn’t look like it. What’s going on here?