Leo is so good at destroying communists…He was BORN for this.

When I call the left “communists” I am not joking or being dramatic. They really are communists. Just look at their canceled culture and what they’re doing to this country.

A small group of radical loons are dictating what the majority can read, say, watch, listen to, and believe.

It’s absurd that we’re allowing this to go on.

Political correctness is social Marxism — pure and simple – and that’s why civil rights leaders like Leo Terrell are fighting so hard against it.

Leo appeared on Sean Hannity’s show, where he got into a super fiery debate with loony liberal professor Dr. Omekongo Dibinga over the most recent “canceling” of the popular and beloved children’s book series “Dr. Seuss.”

Let’s be honest, Leo was born for slaying commies – he rendered this crackpot liberal professor speechless.

You can watch the video below:

We have to remember that the only reason “cancel culture” exists is because we’ve allowed it.

There are way more of “us” than “them.” As a matter of fact, the crazies who are doing all of the “canceling” are actually a really small group – they’re just very loud and extremely rowdy.

So, we need to get “loud” and “rowdy” as well and fight back every time these communists “cancel” something or someone.

Because as it stands now, we’re sitting back and allowing a small group of gender-neutral humanoids with purple hair to dictate our lives – and that needs to stop.