Let’s give this report a round of applause

Well it’s not too often that you actually see a reporter stick up for Trump. Typically the press seems hell-bent on using anything they can to tear down Trump and make senile Biden looks presentable.

However, the tables were turned at this press…

A New York Times reporter actually had the courage to stick up for Trump after the Biden administration tried to take credit for the vaccine.

Watch the video:

From Western Journal

A New York Times reporter called out the Biden administration in a news conference for attempting to take credit for the deal between rival pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson and Merck & Co. to help manufacture coronavirus vaccines.

“We are now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May,” President Joe Biden said Tuesday, according to The Blaze.

In addition to the news, Biden took a jab at former President Donald Trump’s vaccine plan. “When we came into office, the prior administration had contracted not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America,” he said.

Following the announcement, one reporter promptly corrected Biden’s claim — and hit White House press secretary Jen Psaki with the hard facts.

“On the timing of the administration’s efforts to help pull this deal together — you said that it was within, I think, the last few weeks — is that what you had said?” the White House correspondent for The Times, Michael Shear, asked.

This is some fantastic irony!

The Biden administration just got their first big time smack down thus far and many was it glorious