Ted just wrote the “Wikipedia” on Joe and China’s love affair – it’s epic and eye 👀 opening and a MUST read

What we need right now are the good Republicans to step up and really start fighting. We need to get away from the useless “snarky tweets” and soundbite zingers that the GOP is famous for when they’re the underdogs.

We need everyone to step up and find creative and new ways to really and truly fight these communist Dems every step of the way.

And there are a few Republicans who are doing that.

One is Marjorie Taylor Greene and the other who comes to mind is Ron Johnson.

These two are fighting hard and creatively to combat the left.

And another one who’s fighting is Ted Cruz – although I was really disappointed to see him cave to the left and trash President Trump for the January 6th event – my hope is that Ted saw the errors of his ways when the left came after him for his Cancun trip.

Let’s hope Ted learned that lesson because  I really like what he just did to expose Dementia Joe.

Ted Cruz got very creative and called out Joe for his deep, deep ties to China in an epic tweet thread…it’s one for the ages.

Here’s what he said:

From Joe Biden to the advisors he surrounds himself with, the Biden administration has rushed to embrace the worst elements of the Chinese Communist Party.

Rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement

Rejoined the WHO, an org that has done the bidding of the CCP & covered up COVID

Biden’s pick to run HHS, Xavier Becerra defended the CCP against allegations of human rights abuses claiming that China has a “different perspective” on the issue.

Biden’s pick for CIA, William Burns, was president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace when the think tank received $2 MILLION from a Chinese businessman and a think tank with ties to the CCP.

During her confirmation hearing, Biden’s pick for Commerce, Gina Raimondo refused to commit that she would keep Chinese companies like Huawei (a spy agency impersonating a tech company) on the Entity List.

Biden’s pick for DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas allegedly abused his power to provide special government favors to benefit well-connected Democrats, which resulted in a high-level official at Huawei obtaining an EB-5 visa.

And Biden’s UN pick Linda Thomas-Greenfield not only delivered a paid speech at a Confucius Institute, she has record of apologizing for China, praising their Belt & Road Initiative, failing to call out their hu

China is the number one geopolitical threat the US faces, and I remain committed to holding the CCP accountable for their repeated espionage, propaganda, censorship, abusive practices, and human rights violations.

This is what we need to do –  keep hammering away and putting out the truth about Joe’s ties to China.

Eventually, that type of truth will pay off.

The American people will get educated on what’s really going on out there and who’s really “running” this country.