It’s amazing how sane and reasonable Morgan Freeman used to be…TDS is an ugly disease

I saw this video clip online and I had to share it with you.

It’s a clip of Morgan Freeman on “60 Minutes” from back in 2009.

It’s stunning to me how sane and reasonable he was just a little over a decade ago.

It’s shocking how quickly and savagely TDS, fake news, and politics can rot your brain and your soul.

This clip is from “60 Minutes” and Chris Wallace’s dad Mike is interviewing him and the interview centers around “Black History Month.”

Mike Wallace asked Morgan what he thought about “Black History Month,” and his response was shocking. It caught Mike Wallace off guard.

But pay attention to why Morgan says “Black History Month” is “ridiculous…because that’s where you’ll agree with him. There’s a bigger picture.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s a clip from Youtube:

Back in 2009, Morgan wasn’t into all the “race-baiting” and hate.

He was all about America and being an “American.”

So, what happened?

Well, divisive Obama happened, and then the radical progressive rose up, and then Trump came along and caused TDS, which finished these once-normal people off.