This is incredible…

Food delivery apps on mobile devices are used by millions because they make your life easier when you’re hunting down your next meal. But for this Florida woman, a Pizza Hut app saved her life!

Daily Mail– A Florida mother-of-three who was allegedly being held hostage by her meth-addled boyfriend has been rescued by cops after writing ‘get 911’ on an online pizza order.

Ethan Nickerson, 26, and his girlfriend, Cheryl Treadway, 25, had been arguing all day on Monday when he began sharpening a knife in front of her, police said.

He refused to let her leave his sight or use a phone, but she eventually convinced him to give her a cellphone so that she could put in an order at their local Pizza Hut using the chain’s online app.

She ordered a pepperoni pizza and added: ‘Please help. Get 911 to me. 911 hostage help!’

When the order came through at the Pizza Hut in Avon Park around 3.40pm, staff recognized the name and address as being from a regular customer.

After seeing the plea, they immediately contacted the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

‘We’ve never seen that before,’ the restaurant’s manager, Candy Hamilton, told local station WFLA. ‘I’ve been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through.’

When deputies headed to the home, Treadway fled from the house with a baby in her arms and told them that her boyfriend had a knife.

Nickerson initially refused to leave the home, telling authorities through the door that he did not want to go to jail, but after 20 minutes, authorities were able to convince him to come out.

He was taken into custody and deputies safely removed the other two children from the home. None of them were harmed.

Well, that was pretty damn smart of this young lady and we are happy to report a happy ending to what could have been a disastrous story! 

God Bless.