How will John Kerry explain this one?

Over the past year, the American people have been treated like red-headed stepchildren by our political elite overlords.

Dem’s have been enacting tyrannical COVID lockdowns and mask mandates all in the name of “science” but with nothing “scientific” to back it up.

Many people have lost their livelihoods and freedom. Kids are suffering and getting dumber by the day, suicides are up, drug abuse is soaring, and millions of Americans are broke – all thanks to COVID lockdowns that we’re told we MUST follow, or face fines, shame, maybe even jail.

And especially on airplanes – Americans who aren’t masked up have been kicked off planes and placed on “no-fly” lists.

As a matter of fact, Delta Airlines placed the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden on a “no-fly” list because he didn’t have his mask on.

So, when Don J. got his hands on this recent photo of John Kerry on an American Airlines flight, not wearing a mask, he made sure to share it…and it’s gone viral.

Will John Kerry be placed on a “no-fly” list?

Here’s what Don said: “SPOTTED: Liberal hypocrite & Biden Admin official @JohnKerry flouting @JoeBiden’s Federal mask mandate. NOTE: His mask is off & he isn’t eating or drinking. Will he be fined for breaking the law & banned from flying @AmericanAir
like regular citizens would be? #LiberalPrivilege”

This is Joe Biden’s “second-hand” man. Will bumbling Biden publically address this?

Probably not, he doesn’t even know what the heck he’s doing…

The American public is sick and tired of seeing these elites tell us what to do, while they get to hang out in fancy Fench Restaurants with all their friends, while we’re told we can’t be with our friends and family.

Somehow COVID has managed to become a “class-specific” virus. It only impacts the poor and middle class. The elites are naturally immune, apparently.

What a sham.


American Airlines says they’re now looking into this matter: