[VIDEO] Giant Black Bear Chases Man Down Busy Street and Into Traffic

What the heck???

I just saw this crazy video and had to get to you.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…This poor man, literally running for his life down a busy street with a massive black bear chasing after him.

Is this something normal?

I guess it is in Siberia, Russia.

Well, maybe not totally normal, the poor animal escaped from a nearby “attraction” where it was kept in a small cage.

From Daily Mail

This is the frightening moment an escaped bear chased a commuter down a Russian city street – and carried on her pursuit even after being hit by a bus.

The man had been on a snowy pavement making a phone call when the runaway animal suddenly approached him.

At first, the commuter remained astonishingly calm as the female bear stood only a few feet away from him.

Footage also showed passengers at a nearby bus stop scattering and drivers getting back in their cars as the bear ran towards them.

Locals say the ‘frightened and confused’ bear had been wandering around the Siberian city for an hour or so before the incident, after escaping its cramped cage.

Poor scared bear.

You can watch the video below:

Officials were actually going to shoot and kill the poor thing, but witnesses and the public spoke up and demanded the animal be saved.

Locals reacted furiously to ‘monsters’ who had caged the bear as an attraction for customers at a local hotel.

Some demanded her release in the forest, while others called for her to be housed by a zoo, but there were fears she would be shot.

Yana Krasnova posted: ‘Now the bear will be killed because of this idiot.’

Nadyusha Studneva wrote: ‘Poor bear, it is clear that he is scared, disoriented.

‘I hope he stays alive. Do not shoot at him.

They did not shoot the bear, and they’re now deciding where to house her. She’s only a year old.