[VIDEO] Chris Christi Just Dropped a “GA Truth Bomb” on Everyone at ABC News

The disinformation that’s coming from the left about the GA voting bill is bordering on a complete “fake news propaganda” campaign.

It’s absolutely ludicrous.

And it’s ironic, that the media and social media were so hell-bent on shutting down supposed “fake news” about Hunter Biden’s laptop (it wasn’t fake news, by the way), that they silenced anyone and everyone they could get their communist mitts on.

Now, we have the MLB pulling out of GA, which will destroy their economy — all based on misinformation.

It’s a total shambles and just shows what an absolute disgrace our media is.

And today. on ABC News, the fake news started up again, but thankfully this time Chris Christi was there and he shut it all down.

You can watch the video below:

It’s sad that we need to do this – that we have to do the media’s “supposed” job for them.

We’re in a propaganda war – and almost everyone in the country is against us. Keep fighting – we’ll win in the end. The truth always prevails.