Now Dems Are Even Defending DeSantis Against “60 Minutes” Fake News Hit Piece

Yes, he’s a “DEMOCRAT” … If you thought the fake news stories would suddenly stop after they forced President Trump out of office, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Our media wasn’t just fighting President Trump – they’re a progressive propaganda machine that’s been fighting against traditional American values on all fronts for decades now – the only difference is that they’ve been exposed now, so they can’t hide behind “subtle innuendo” and low-budget psyops.

They’re going for broke now and letting it all hangout. That’s why the CBS “60 Minutes” piece on Governor DeSantis was so blatant. What a fake news mess this was, top to bottom.

In a nutshell, here’s what “60 Minutes” is claiming in their fake hit piece:

60Minutes thinks is trying to claim that Governor DeSantic create a “scandal” when Publix Supermarket chain (who donated to DeSantis’ campaign) was given a contract by the state of FL to distribute vaccines.

Publix is one of the biggest, and most popular supermarket chains in Florida. They have the parking/space to handle a large influx of people.

Also, this decision was recommended by the FL Dept. of Health, not the Governor DeSantis’ office.

Regardless of these truths, CBS still tried to make this seem like a “scandal.”

So much so, that they even deceptively edited a video of DeSantis to make it seem like he was “guilty.” And the outrage over this blatant and “North Korea-style” propaganda is massive.

So much so, that a high-ranking FL Dem is now speaking out and defending DeSantis, and he’s setting the record straight.

His name is Jared Maskowitz, and he’s the Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Here’s what he said:

@60Minutes I said this before and I’ll say it again. @Publix was recommended by @FLSERT and @HealthyFla
as the other pharmacies were not ready to start. Period! Full Stop! No one from the Governors office suggested Publix. It’s just absolute malarkey.

This idea why @Publix was picked has been utter nonsense. We reached out to all pharmacies and they were the only one who at the time could execute on the mission. The federal government delayed the federal pharmacy program and we yet again stepped up first to serve more seniors

And you think to yourself, “Why would they do this, if so easy to prove it was fake?’ I’ll tell you why.

Because CBS (and all other fake news propaganda artists) knows that even if their story is proven “fake,” the lie would still reach way more people than the “correction” will.

That’s why they do it. Trust me, that’s exactly what they did to President Trump for 5 years, and it worked.