These 3 little sentences sum up the GOPs biggest problem against the Dems.

When you think about why the GOP always loses to the Dems there’s one word that always comes up: weakness.And while that’s true – the GOP is weak, it’s much deeper than that.

The GOP’s weakness allows them to be pulled and dragged to the “dark side” – but it’s not just “weakness.”

Again…it’s more than that. The GOP is lazy. They don’t have “fight” in them. It’s easier for them to capitulate to the left’s agenda than fight hard for what’s right.

The GOP doesn’t know how to combat the left’s messaging. This is why we’ve surrendered so many of our sacred institutions and beliefs, like our churches, military, and family on the altar of progressive idealism.

Conservative pundit Jon Cardillo said it best in a tweet that was only three sentences long. In this short but sweet tweet, John nails the reason why the GOP loses – we don’t pull the left to the right.

Here’s what John said: “Democrat slide left and pull Republicans with them. Republicans never pull Democrats to the right. That’s why we have to purge the GOP of its current leadership and install new warrior blood.”

The left pulls us to their side. It may be because of weakness, or it may be laziness. It may also be because the people we’ve elected don’t actually represent us and our values, and they actually believe in what the left is selling.

The “why” doesn’t really matter at this point in the game.

We just need to get rid of these people and put warriors in their place who will fight tooth and nail for us, or this game is over and we will lose.