Trump Supporter Just Figured Out How to Save SCOTUS…We Shoulda Thought of This Years Ago…

This is so brilliant…why didn’t anyone think of this before? I saw something online today and it just *clicked* with me, so I had to share it with you.

So often, you hear conservatives say that the ONLY justice we can trust on the SCOTUS is Clarence Thomas. And anyone who says that is 100 percent correct.

We need more “Clarence Thomas” justices – and less John Roberts – and sad to say, less Kavanaugh and ACB’s as well.

They don’t have that tried and true old-school conservative warrior spirit that Thomas has. They’re the new breed of “conservative,” who is weak and kowtows to the mob.

So, how do we keep ending up with these weak justices? It’s the nomination process we currently have that is to blame. It’s not his fault, but President Trump relied on the Federalist Society for his SCOTUS nominations.

This is just how it goes… What is the Federalist Society?

I will tell you:

The Federalist Society is a very powerful, nationwide organization of conservative lawyers who are instrumental in helping Republican presidents pick their next Supreme Court nominee.

And these types of “conservatives” clearly don’t represent the changes that have occurred in the Republican Party.

It’d be like asking Mitch McConnell to hand-pick all of our senators and Paul Ryan to pick our House reps. Would you do that? No, of course not.

Times have changed, and we need to move on from stuffy, dusty failed ideas from the past.

And that’s why this tweet really spoke to me. It’s brilliant.

Here’s what it says: “Get rid of the Federalist Society and just have Clarence Thomas pick every future Supreme Court Justice.”

The answer to our problems was sitting in front of our faces the entire time. If we want more “Clarence Thomas” justices, we need to have people who think and believe like Justice Thomas help choose them.

After all, we KNOW that Justice Thomas is 100 percent in line with our thinking, so we must turn to him, and those who emulate and support him, for guidance.

Imagine what SCOTUS would look like if we had done that from the get-go? An entire court filled with Clarence? My God, we’d seriously never stop winning.

That’s why we must stop relying on failed old policies and disingenuous people that let us down and start embracing those people who fight for us, and who we know will lead us to victory.

Because if we do that, decades from now this country could have a SCOTUS that is literally filled with “Clarence Thomas’s” — and all would be right with the world.