Joe Biden is taking aim at “ghost guns” tomorrow

Well, we knew this was coming…Joe Biden’s first (of many) unlawful and unconstitutional gun grabs.

Word has it that the gun-grab will start tomorrow with his first EO on the matter.

Politico is reporting that Joe is taking aim at “ghost guns.”

What is a ghost gun?

A ghost gun is a term for a homemade or improvised firearm that lacks commercial serial numbers. The term is used mostly in the United States by gun control advocates, gun rights advocates, law enforcement, and some in the firearm industry.

Biden will also target 3D-printed guns as well.

From Politico 

President Joe Biden will unveil his “long-awaited” executive actions on guns on Thursday, and it will reportedly include a ban on so-called “ghost guns” — makeshift and, in many cases, 3D-printed firearms.

The announcement comes nearly three months into Biden’s term in office, a delay that had frustrated Leftists who wanted the president to fulfill a campaign pledge to take action on gun violence on his first day in office.

“Biden will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of so-called ghost guns — homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers — to undergo background checks, according to three people who have spoken to the White House about the plans. He is expected to be joined at the event by Attorney General Merrick Garland.”

Other executive actions remain unclear. But stakeholders have speculated that the president could announce regulations on concealed assault-style firearms; prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners; and federal guidance on home storage safety measures.

A recent poll found that 57 percent of Americans disapproved of the way Biden has handled gun violence as president with opposition from both Republicans and Democrats; 42 percent approved.

It’s time for the NRA and other conservative groups to suit up and start suing Biden.