This is beyond cringeworthy

Liberals are lining up to get their COVID vaccines and quite frankly, their “humble bragging” surrounding this is stomach churning.

The posts on social media from these goons is enough to make you want to barf up your breakfast, with their proud, smug faces, declaring to the world that they’re superior to everyone else because they had a chemical injected into their body.

But one Twitter user took his vaccine bragging to a whole new level by actually getting a tattoo of a simple “V” to commemorate this grand event, which he stated is “V for vaccine, v for victory over ignorance and bigotry.”

Good lord, what an out-of-touch loon.

Of course, this guy was absolutely raked over the coals for his unbelievably smug post.

Check it out:

V for “Vagina”

Pretty sad that your identity is tied to an experimental vaccine. Hey thanks for being a guinea pig so the rest of us don’t have to. Oh and nice ratio😝

Pretty soon genius that “V” is going to stand for “victim”. Great job 👏

This post went beyond douche chills, I have douche frostbite.

Look up in the sky….it’s a bird……it’s a plane….no it’s virtue signaling guy!!! He not faster than anything nor can he leap over anything but his branding protects him from the evil woke mob!! A true American hero!🙄

LOL I’ve never seen more flagrant Virtue signalling in my entire life. Amazing!

Kinda looks like an L if you tilt your head a bit to the left.

I was going to comment but it seems you guys have it under control……

This virtue signaling has really gotten out of control.

The left is taking this virus, like they do most things, and is making it this ridiculous social issue, when it really doesn’t need to be.