This is all on Joe and his handlers….all of it. What’s happening at the border is a catastrophe.

But beyond the obvious crisis of our border being breached and flooded by foreigners who are looking for those “Biden freebies” is another gigantic problem.

It’s a massive humanitarian crisis, and the biggest victims are innocent children who are being used, abused, and trafficked by sleazy adults.

And while all of this is going on, we have a laughing hyena “VP” in charge of the disaster – a woman who has no plans to even visit the border.

And trust me, people are noticing. Take a look at this meme that really says it all about Kamala Harris.

And that scared, crying child in the meme above is the topic of this article. That poor little boy was found on the side of the road by border patrol, scared, crying, and begging for help.

You can watch the video below:

This is Joe Biden’s fault.

This is the man who stood on stage at the Dem primary and raised his shaky arm, and vowed to give illegal aliens “free healthcare.”

Why wouldn’t they come? If you were bad off and offered “freebies” from a foreign country, you’d go too.

These migrants aren’t stupid. They know that Dems want their illegal vote, and will do anything to get it.

They know that Dems will treat Americans like garbage, just to roll out the red carpet for them, and that’s why they’re flooding over here en masse.

It’s because of Joe, and they’ll even tell you that.


What’s happening to our country is unforgivable and what’s happening to these kids is unacceptable, and it’s happening because Joe Biden invited these people to come here.

This is all on him and his buffoonish administration.