Regular Americans are now doing the job Biden should be doing

The scene at the border got really hairy today when independent journo Drew Hernandez and Alex Jones saw a group of kids being “stuffed” into a car.

Hernandez has been all over the situation at the border involving kids.

Hernandez and Jones spotted the car being loaded with illegal alien children  – the first thing they noticed was that the kids did not have seatbelts on, and some were even in the trunk of the car.

Here’s what Hernandez reported from the scene:

MCALLEN TX: After I captured a staff member from Catholic Charity assisting migrants, (Catholic Charities RGV) packing children without any seats, seatbelts or car seats into a car. I confronted a staff member for an answer for their irresponsibility.

The safety issues are what sparked Hernandez, Jones, and their crew to spring into action.

You’ll see in the video below that the group confronts the folks from “Catholic Charities” who were loading the kids into the car, and at one point, they even got in front of the car to try and stop the trafficking.

Drew confronted the folks from Catholic Charities and here’s what they said:

You can watch the videos below:

Here’s the scene when Alex Jones physically tried to stop the car.

Things are so bad on the border, that Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas has said that he wants to keep building President Trump’s wall, and even arrest more illegal aliens.

He also told ICE that he doesn’t want to “abolish” them – he thinks that’s the wrong approach.

This guy sounds way too reasonable. I’m sure he’ll be removed from his post soon.