Holy cow! This looks soooooo fun!

I was doing my morning research, looking for interesting things for you to read and watch, and I came upon this video – and it’s not the usual stuff we’d post – but it looks so fun, and summer is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share it with you to give you some new and awesome ideas for backyard games with friends and family.

Just be careful okay? We don’t want anyone rushed to the ER!

So, this game is called “Slip-n-Slide” Kickball.”

It looks simple to set up. You’ll need 4 “Slip-n-Slides” and 4 kiddie pools, and a kickball.

Easy-peasy, right?

You set it up like a square baseball field, fill the pools with water, wet the “Slip-n-Slide” (and they suggest adding dish soap to the “Slip-n-Slide” for maximum slip (and DANGER! Be careful!).  And then you just kick the ball and run the bases.

The video suggests playing this as a drinking game and running around with a drink in your hand.

I dunno about that – you’d end up with booze in your kiddy pool…But hey, maybe people will like that?

This looks so fun…

You can watch the video below:

This video is going viral on TikTok and I can see why…It looks like the best time you could have in your backyard!

I really hope someone here actually plays this game and sends Wayne a video of the game!

It looks great but again, play at your own risk and BE CAREFUL, for crying out loud.

Have a happy and blessed summer everyone and enjoy all your friends and family.