Actress Scarlet Johansson Just Had Her Very Own “Red-Pill” Moment…Enough is Enough

The more liberals who take a step back and start speaking out, the closer we get to ending this PC chokehold that’s strangling our country

It’s always amazing to see when a “woke ” person starts seeing the light and making the slow turn back to “sanity.”

And it’s happening a lot lately.

The reason why is because the left has gotten so radical, and crossed so many lines, that if you still have a shred of sensibility left in your noggin, you can see that it’s just going too far off the rails and you start looking for ways to jump off the crazy train.

We see it happening a lot with comedians, whose entire genre is under attack by the PC cancel culture. You can’t say anything nowadays without offending all of these sensitive Marxists. Big-name comedians like Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle have come out and slammed “cancel culture” because it’s choking the life out of everyone and everything.

And actors and actresses are also getting hammered by the “PC Marxist” police…but it’s hard to feel sorry for them since they are the ones who pushed all of this communist garbage back in the early days.

But now their chickens are coming home to roost.

And nobody has dealt with those commie chickens more than Scarlett Johansson.

If you’ll recall, she was berated by the wokesters when she agreed to play the lead role in a Japanese anime movie, and also when she signed on to play a transgender man in a movie.

Since that time, Johansson has changed her tune a lot…and now, it looks like she’s having the start of her very own “red-pill” moment.

Johansson is now coming out and saying publically that actors need to pipe down and zip-it over politics.

And the thing is, she’s being really, really bold about it.

From The Blaze

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson rejected the public compulsion to seek political statements from celebrities and said that actors should stick to acting instead.

Johansson made the comments during an interview with “The Gentlewoman,” a British magazine.

“I don’t think actors have obligations to have a public role in society,” said the star of the popular Avengers superhero movie franchise.

“Some people want to, but the idea that you’re obligated to because you’re in the public eye is unfair. You didn’t choose to be a politician, you’re an actor,” she explained.

Johansson has faced her fair share of woke criticism in her career. She was accused of “whitewashing” in 2017 when she took on the lead role in “Ghost In The Shell,” a classic Japanese anime story. Later in 2018 she crossed the transgender lobby when she took the role of a transgender man in the movie, “Rub and Tug.” She initially defended her decision but eventually withdrew from that film after public outrage.

She went on in the Gentlewoman interview to exhort other actors to stick to acting.

“Your job is to reflect our experience to ourselves; your job is to be a mirror for an audience, to be able to have an empathetic experience through art. That is what your job is,” Johansson continued.

“Whatever my political views are, all that stuff, I feel most successful when people can sit in a theatre or at home and disappear into a story or a performance and see pieces of themselves, or are able to connect with themselves through this experience of watching this performance or story or interaction between actors or whatever it is,” she added.

“And they’re affected by it and they’re thinking about it, and they feel something. You know? They have an emotional reaction to it – good, bad, uncomfortable, validating, whatever,” Johansson explained.

“That’s my job,” she said. “The other stuff is not my job.”

Well, like her or not, she’s 100% right.

And it really does sound like Scarlett is starting to see the light – and if we want to ultimately save this country, we really need people to step away from the “dark side.”

This is how it starts.

Hope she keeps it up.