[VIDEO] Female Fan Berates and Humilates LeBron James

This woman for president!

LeBron James is back in the news after he lit the internet on fire for all the wrong reasons the other day by putting out a threatening tweet at the Ohio police officer who shot and killed a teenage girl who was about to stab another young girl.

LeBron’s tweet – which he deleted – was a picture of the police officer with the words “You’re next.”

The internet erupted over the tweet, and many claimed that LeBron was acting irresponsibly and without all the “facts.” This is something that LeBron has been accused of many times in the past – he’s very “low-info” when it comes to issues, and yet, he still uses his massive platform to spread questionable information.

He’s getting shredded left and right, and even by the police themselves!

Check this video out:

And at a time in this country when tensions are so high and there’s so much hatred towards police officers, LeBron’s tweet was seen as fuel being poured on a raging bonfire.

Most people can agree that what happened to George Floyd, drug overdoes or not, was wrong. There were not a lot of people who were battling hard for Derek Chauvin, even if you didn’t agree with the “murder” charge, most people can agree that Chauvin could have handled the situation much better.

But that doesn’t mean that every time a cop shoots and kills a perp that the same rules apply. Every case is different, and the Ohio police officer was acting in a split-second to save a life, who witnesses agree, was to likely be injured very seriously or killed.

The backlash against LeBron has caused an old video clip of a woman beating LeBron James to go viral again.

It’s a clip of LeBron leaving the court after a defeat….his head is down and he looks completely beat down…you can hear the woman shout out – rather loudly – “Hey LeBron, how does it feel to be a p*ssy a** b*tch”



Needless to say, this was a great time to recirculate this clip for all the LeBron haters out there – and trust me, there are a lot of them.

King James has bitten off more than he can chew. He’s a much better basketball player than he is a SJW. He should have never gotten political. He’s ruined his reputation and the NBA in the process.