This Powerful Message Spotted in PA is All the “Proof” Trump Supporters Need…

We knew it! Right now officials are auditing the vote in Arizona. The timing is absurd, of course, but at this point, we’ll take it.

And we all know that if the audit is done fairly, it will show beyond a shadow of a doubt that President Trump won the state. There is no doubt about that.

As a matter of fact, one of Trump’s closest allies, Peter Navarro says Georgia will be the next to fall. Again, if it’s done fair, we win. But I don’t really trust the process.

But Americans know what happened.

A recent poll shows that most Americans believe that Biden got into office based on some “shenanigans.”  They don’t trust the 2020 election, despite how hard the media, Dems, and GOP pushed to tell us how “fair” it was.

If you look around, the signs are everywhere that we all got duped – anyone with half a functioning brain can see it.

And speaking of signs – I saw this tweet today online and it helped drive that point home since Pennsylvania was another “iffy” state.

Here’s what the tweet said:

“My brother sent this to me. He lives in PA, he said on the same street there are 27 Trump signs still up…No way did Biden win PA..”

Look at the picture in the tweet and what that sign says:

But it’s more than just that – take a look at the comments:

“I live in PA and you’re right.”

“I live in NE PA and can attest that this is true.  Virtually no one took down their signs or flags.”

“I live in California, Bay Area actually and I still see Trump signs and stickers everywhere but very little if any Biden crap. It’s like they’re embarrassed for voting for this POS. I know they didn’t want Harris at all. She couldn’t even support during the primaries.”

“I’m in NY. Before the election I saw 2 Biden signs.  After the election I have seen zero. “

“I’ve been seeing a lot of upside down flags lately in Oklahoma. Which I prefer over the confederate flag they’re replacing tbh but I think the sentiment of both is the same. A feeling of dissatisfaction with the current government.”

“NOT just in PA. UN #PureMichigan is LOADED with Trump signs and flags. Some farm areas are about 95% Trump flags still. This is AFTER our Gov #HALFWIT told us  that Pres TRUMP sent all the farmers into BANKRUPTCY.”

“Biden didn’t win any state… cept maybe CA”

“PA audit coming soon”

“We have a similar flag and signs in my area as well.”

“I live in philly.  A dumb liberal bubble of sheep with more trump supporters hiding in the closet than they know.  But right outside of the city it’s Trump supporters and flags everywhere. Rural PA is all Trump.  He definitely won PA”

“Biden didn’t win any states where Americans live.  AMERICANS.   I don’t care how many domestic terrorists or communists voted him.”

The American people know what’s up – even with President Trump out of the White House he still has MORE visible support than Joe Biden.

When people are not being honest with you, these are the type of “clues” you point to in order to make sense of it all because we can’t trust the fake propaganda polls. You watch and see how Americans are behaving and yes, you look at things like lawn signs, ratings, and online support. All of it combined tells a story.

Joe Biden has never had support – and they used COVID as a way to try and cover for that – they’ve used COVID to get a lot of things, haven’t they?