[VIDEO] Stephen Miller Kept His Promise – His New Law Group Just Tackled Joe Biden

You go Stephen! Just when you thought the Biden administration could get any more ridiculous, they pull a move like this.

And thankfully, Stephen Miller, who promised to go after Biden, is sticking to his word and he’s taking on the entire admin for their dirty and divisive tricks.

According to Miller, Biden’s new ‘American Rescue Plan” excludes farmers from receiving aid based on their skin color – gee, thanks for all that “unity,” Joe.

And now, true to his word, Miller is now unleashing a lawsuit of mass proportions against racist Joe.

Check it out:

Absolutely nuts right?

According to the Biden admin, the plan has been put in place to fight systemic racism, but honestly, it’s not hard to see the ruse they’re trying to pull here – and how racists they’re being in the process.

From Politico

The administration’s pledge to focus on Black farmers comes alongside new attention from Congress. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey plans to reintroduce the Justice for Black Farmers Act, a bill that would, among other things, fund agriculture programs at historically Black colleges and universities. It would also create new training programs, land grants and a civil rights oversight board at USDA to investigate reports of discrimination both within the department and its Farm Service Agency county committees.

In the House, incoming House Agriculture Chair David Scott (D-Ga.), is planning to hold the committee’s first-ever full hearing on the status of Black farmers.

There should be aid available to all farmers, especially considering the struggle they’ve endured through COVID.

But of course, the Dems just want to use this as another way to play political games and divide the nation. What’s next? “Whites Only” drinking fountains? Dems are once again segregating the country – it’s what they do best.