100 Biden Failures In 100 Days – Here’s What Everyone Needs to See!

Alright, so let me be clear in saying that I really hope President Biden doesn’t do a crappy job with his position of authority. That would be like hoping for a pilot to crash the plane that we’re all on.


I would like Biden to just continue showing his true colors enough to where it’s a no-brainer to remove him from office (like it already hasn’t been?!); somehow, I’d hope that would include Kamala Harris not being his replacement.

Hell, the Democrats have taken advantage of all the loopholes and then some. Otherwise, they’ve been blatantly lying to the American people and said whatever they needed to say in order to be voted into power.

The ol’ bait-and-switch.

The Washington Examiner reported a list of 100 Biden failures and I think it would do the American people some good to circulate this information.

Most of these failures surround the border crisis and his total disregard for his promise concerning unity; both of these issues have only been exacerbated under the Biden Administration.

Representative James Comer shared with Fox News that the top Democrats who blasted former President Trump about the border crisis are now completely mute regarding the even-worse conditions under the Biden Administration.

Still, Comer said the GOP would like to work with Biden — up to a point.

“Republicans stand ready to work with President Biden to reopen schools, get Americans back to work, restore our economy, and implement deterrence solutions to end the border crisis, but he must abandon the progressive agenda that has America on the path to the socialist utopia the ‘Squad’ dreams about.

America is not a socialist country, and President Biden’s extreme agenda must be stopped,” he said.