One way that the media does the left’s bidding is by harassing and intimidating the public.

One way that the media does the left’s bidding is by harassing and intimidating the public.

How often have we seen the media doxx Americans – remember what they did to some poor guy who made a meme?

And let’s not forget how the media went after George Floyd jurors.

It’s all a form of bullying and intimidation. They wield their microphones and TV cameras like weapons.

But isn’t that just like the left? They weaponize just about everything they can get their hands on.

And now, CNN is playing those same games at the AZ audit location.

You can tell CNN is nervous as heck about this audit. I watched the full video (below) and they’re bending over backward to make it seem as if the audit is some Q-inspired kookfest.

This is another trick the media does – if they don’t want something to get out to the public or to be taken seriously, they call it “Russian propaganda” or “Q-conspiracy.”

Remember Hunter’s laptop?

That’s what they’re now doing with the AZ audit – painting Trump to be some eccentric kook sitting in his high tower trying to “win” the 2020 election.

When in fact, honest, hard-working Americans want this sham investigated. And why not? This is our elections for crying out loud. Every single American should be thrilled to have it gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

Unless, of course, you have something to hide…then you’d make it seem like a kooky conspiracy and get your reporters out there to harass people…and that’s precisely what CNN is doing as we speak.

And their tactics have election officials concerned.

Ken Bennett Audit Director said the following:

“…Unfortunately, we’ve had the press and the media taking pictures of people’s license plates and trying to get closeups on their name badges and faces, of course. So it makes the workers and the observers a little bit nervous when the press is going to that length to try to identify somebody. They’re afraid they’re going to be doxxed or something like that. So we hope that doesn’t happen.”

You can watch the video below:

This isn’t “news.”

This is propaganda and bullying, and I am so proud of all of those people that told CNN to take a hike.

Good for them. That’s exactly how they should be treated.