You can thank the left for this. If you want to see what police have to put up with on a daily basis, take a look at this horrific bodycam footage.

A Hispanic officer in California pulled over a woman who was using her cell phone while driving – which is against the law in California, and when he approached her window she went on a racist, vulgar tirade against him, saying some of the meanest and most horrific things ever.

She repeatedly called the police officer a “murderer” and claimed that he wanted to kill her and her child.

She also attacked him for being Hispanic and told him that he’d never be “white” like he wanted to be. But the scariest part about all of this is that this woman claims to be a school teacher.

Watch this clip and then think about the fact that this woman is molding young minds.


This is clearly not a stable or mentally healthy woman. She shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 feet of any child, and that’s including her own.

The parents in the city of San Dimas, California have a right to know who this woman is and where she works so they can promptly remove their child from her care and supervision.

Her identity should be revealed immediately. She should not be working with any children.