Republicans Just Buried Dems “Ballot Harvesting” Dreams in Latest State Battle

The Dems just got shot down so hard, they don’t even know what hit them…2022 is looking good, folks..

The Republican legislature in Kansas just scored a major win for election integrity and sent Dems and their “ballot harvesting” plans packing.

The HB2183 law is one of the most sweeping election integrity bills in the land, and the Democrat Governor Laura Kelly had the acidity to veto it.

Well, the Republican legislature swooped in and overrode her veto and now that amazing bill is now law.

It was amazing, and US News reports that Republicans overturned Kelly’s veto of an elections bill making it harder for individuals and groups to collect absentee ballots and deliver them for voters.

House Bill 2183 focuses largely on mail-in voting. It limits who is permitted to return a mail-in ballot for another person and makes it a misdemeanor for one person to return more than 10 mail-in ballots. The measure also requires the signature on a mail ballot to match the signature election officials have on file, creating a potential for votes to be discarded and bans the Secretary of State from extending mail-in vote deadlines.

The bill also makes it illegal to backdate a postmark on a ballot and bars election offices from accepting money from any entity other than the state for administering elections.

The votes were 85-38 in the House and 28-12 in the Senate.

GOP lawmakers said they are preventing fraud, arguing that the more people who handle absentee ballots, the more likely those ballots are to go missing or be altered. “Having someone cherry-pick whose ballot gets picked up and turned in is not appropriate,” Finch said.

This is an absolute blow to the left and if we keep this up, we will definitely get back on track.

Republican lawmakers also delivered tax relief for individuals and businesses that have been paying more in state income taxes because of changes in federal tax laws at the end of 2017. The measure will save Kansas taxpayers about $284 million over three years.

This is how we win, and we need more of this in as many states as we can muster before 2022.