These poor kids…

Biden is hitting the trail to try and talk up his astronomical $1.8 trillion proposal, which includes free pre-K and community college.

Which, of course, brought him to a classroom full of young children, where he stumbled and fumbled around, knocking over one kid’s flimsy COVID desk shield.

But one Twitter user had the best observation about these pointless “COVID desk shields,” and what they’re really being used to fend off:

Here’s what conservative pundit Raheem Kassam had to say about the video of Bumbling Joe in the classroom” “Btw these aren’t COVID shields they are actually there to stop Joe sniffing the kids.”

Okay, Raheem wins Twitter for the week for that hilarious and spot-on tweet.

But other’s had some great observation too, namely just how disturbing this entire scene was:

“Also how pointless and dumb is all this? Shields that fall down and get touched by random people and touch the floor… it’s child abuse.”

“Sick n twisted. How did that corpse ever win?”

“Those shields are pointless, the kid would have to be encompassed by the bloody thing to actually have any effect.
Its all smoke & mirrors.”

“Masks and shields, in a windowless room…genius…”

“I guess they put these up when they were told Biden was meeting in this very school. Why would you have some flimsy plastic that can fall when touched or bumped?”

“Those poor kids”

“Oh my god that’s excruciating to watch. My brain hurts.”

This seriously was hard to watch.

But that’s become the norm for any video clip involving Biden at this point.

He’s embarrassing America on the world stage every time he’s carried out of his basement.