Reports claim that Arizona extended the lease for the venue where the audit is taking place, and new info leaked from the audit process.

I guess that we have to remain patient for quite a while.

If you haven’t read the article where we say that the Maricopa County Board deleted an entire database of evidence, you can see it here.

The venue lease where the audit is taking place was initially set to end on May 14, but now, it has been prolonged for six weeks.

The Board signed the extension because the auditors cannot finish on time. But, it raised doubts about their finding.

However, we will keep an eye on the audit and continue to share the last details as they come out.

AZ Central has more details.

The Arizona Exposition and State Fair’s website says the building is not recommended for use from May through September due to temperatures during the summer.

Per the agreement, the Senate can use the smaller facility through May 23, when its contractors may move back into the coliseum through June 30. There is another scheduling conflict in July when the facility is booked for a gun show.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has argued for weeks the Senate has not adequately protected voters’ ballots as it has embarked on a process that veered sharply from the usual procedures for election audits in Arizona.  

Bennett said this week that the Senate and its contractors would continue streaming video of the ballots even in storage and that the ballots would remain under round-the-clock security.

“We’ll stand aside and secure all the ballots and equipment here on the property and be ready to go,” he told reporters on Monday.

Also, Esquire, a left-wing outlet, reported on the audit.

Things are getting a little unstrung down in Arizona. The extended farce that is the “audit” of the 2020 presidential election is starting to get to even the clowns doing the bidding of the clowns in the Arizona Senate who green-lighted this nonsense. Apparently, the secret Ninja skills of the Cyber Ninjas are beginning to fade. From 12News:

“In order to complete this audit in the limited time remaining,” attorney Alexander Kolodin told the court, “Mr. Kern has been working back-to-back 20-hour days … even passing out on the floor.” Roopali Desai, representing the Arizona Democratic Party, later responded: “Mr. Kolodin is admitting that the workers are sleep deprived and rushing to meet an artificial deadline. That … does not instill confidence in the voters of Maricopa County.”

The source of the stress became clearer later in the day at Bennett’s news conference. The audit has hand-counted almost 100,000 ballots; he told reporters. Putting the current rate at 50,000 ballots a day, the audit volunteers would have to count more than 140,000 ballots a day every day through May 14 to finish the hand count.