This has gotta sting. The media loves nothing more than to throw buckets of cold water on any crisis involving the Biden administration.

The border, gasoline shortages and most namely his mental health. Everyday it seems like Biden’s mental capacity is getting smaller and smaller, but yet the media

He’s often unable to finish sentences and answer questions with the press, which has now prompted a large group of top military leaders to write a letter questioning Biden’s deteriorating health.

From The Hill

A group of retired U.S. military admirals and generals signed a letter released Tuesday questioning President Biden’s fitness for office and seemingly challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The letter, signed by 124 former military leaders and posted by Flag Officers 4 America, said the “Constitutional Republic is lost” without “fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the ‘will of the people.’”

“The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020,” the letter added.

Former Attorney General William Barr said in December the Justice Department uncovered no evidence of voter fraud that could have affected the outcome of the 2020 election, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

The signatories also questioned the “mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief,” adding that national security issues require quick and “accurate” decisions “involving life and limb.”

“Recent Democrat leadership’s inquiries about nuclear code procedures sends a dangerous national security signal to nuclear armed adversaries, raising the question about who is in charge,” the letter said. “We must always have an unquestionable chain of command.”

While in office, former President Trump periodically questioned Biden’s mental capacity and age during the campaign season, at times referring to him as “sleepy Joe.”

At this point, Biden or his “captors” just need to set the record straight on his health.

It’s really the only hope he has left –  or replace him with Kamala. It’s not like he’s running the show, and she won’t be either.

The same people controlling Biden now will be pulling Kamala’s strings as well.