It’s happening…the dominoes are starting to fall…one by one….

The Arizona audit is going great.

How do we know it’s going great?

Well, for starters, Dems are having a meltdown, so we must be do something right.

And they’re actually finding some rather interesting stuff – potentially illegal stuff, to boot.

Conservative pundit John Cardillo shared some info on what a Dem donor recently told him about the AZ audit.

“Had a prominent Dem donor and fundraiser tell me yesterday, “Have to admit, Arizona looks really bad. Not sure how we spin that one.”

They’re scared.

The media and Dems on TV will play it off like it’s a “Republican-led partisan witch hunt,” but they know what they did, and the “Big Lie” being exposed terrifies the heck out of Dems – as well as people like Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy, and other GOP establishment hacks who were clearly in on it.

And speaking of “audits,” the Dems better buckle up, because the audit dominoes are falling – hard – and things are about to get a helluva lot worse for them.

Look at what’s happening now:

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson is reporting that Wisconsin just voted to audit and investigate the 2020 election.

The Wisconson audit is expected to start soon and will be finished by the Fall of 2021.

Expect more of this – we need to put tremendous pressure on Michigan and Pennsylvania to do the same.

Cheaters never prosper, and in the end, all the lies will be revealed.