This man can’t stop “abusing” kids in one way or another, can he?

We’ve seen a lot of really inappropriate photos and videos of Biden with kids.

It’s disturbing that this stuff is out there, and nobody seems to care.

But there’s another photo of Biden and a child that has just caused mass outrage and screams of “child abuse” from many.

It’s a new photo, taken at the White House of a suddenly mask-free Joe Biden and a child next to him wearing a mask.

Why are we doing this to children? The science doesn’t back it up, and I can’t imagine normal, mentally stable parents want to see kids like this.

Here’s the photo:

And here are just some of the comments:

“How the one year fear campaign has normalized child abuse!” 

“why aren’t more people angry about this?” 

“This is child abuse. disgusting.” 

“This is our country now” 

“God this makes my blood boil.”

“Gee, Thank goodness Joe took care of that super spreader”

“Masking just kids will last about exactly one month after more disastrous internal polling comes in.”

“kids have now learned to listen to government, the damage is already done”

“Yeah I have no idea how they think this is good optics. Holy shit this is bad.”

“If you want to piss of suburban momma bears this is the way to do it.”

Trust me, folks, if you think the masks and lockdowns were bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The power the Dems will grab with the vaccines will make that stuff looks like child’s play – pun intended.

Better get ready to fight – for yourselves and your kids.