This crazy woman shouldn’t be within 1000 feet of any child, ever… An angry, evil teacher verbally abused a student who was vaccinated but not wearing a mask.

If this woman is so concerned about her health and safety, she should focus on her eating habits, because research shows COVID wreaks havoc on obese folks.

The teacher, who unleashes on this poor student like an unhinged madwoman, got some instant karma for what she did – she has been suspended, while the case is investigated. reported that a teacher in the Poynette School District has been placed on administrative leave following an incident at the high school Tuesday.

A video being shared on social media allegedly shows a Poynette teacher berating a student for failing to wear a mask, calling him a “jerk” and “dummy.” The district has not confirmed the video, which was shared by talk radio host Vicki McKenna, is related to the teacher being placed on leave.

McKenna said she got the video from TikTok and edited it to protect the student’s identity. She declined to say who had posted the video to TikTok and a search of the platform did not immediately turn up a related video.

You can watch the video below:

The school issued the following statement: “The District is initiating an investigation and the teacher involved has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The District contacted the parents and we are taking steps to provide the appropriate support for the student involved.”

This virus, with a 99.8 percent survival rate for healthy folks, has turned a lot of people into complete lunatics. This woman should be fired.