BREAKING: Legal Action About To Happen In Arizona!


If you think that the world is dark, wait for a second and read the breaking news! 

The Arizona Audit won’t be a failure, and it will uncover the truth about the 2020 election. 

Kelly Ward announced: LEGAL ACTION IS IMMINENT. 


Dr. Kelli Ward: The Democrat plan for reengineering our country starts with open borders and open elections. Forget the rules, anyone can enter our country illegally, and if you ask for voter identification or try to stop phony mail-in ballots from being counted, or try to stop those dead people from voting, well, that is what those Democrats call voter suppression. And at this very moment, while the hand-counting of ballots continues, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, and legal action is imminent… And now Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer has revealed in a letter to voters that he learned that prior to his term, a breach of voter identification information occurred last election cycle and is now being investigated by law enforcement. If I were a Democrat, I think I’d be in a frenzy myself. 

The TRUTH is stronger than the fraud, and it will win! 

Below you can see what the Arizona audit has uncovered. 

Biden didn’t win the election! 

Trump is our PRESIDENT!