Leaked Emails Show How GOP Botched 2020 Election and Aftermath in Key Battleground States

I don’t care what excuses you give me, the GOP knew and we’re in on it…

Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t be any more corrupt…

According to emails leaked to conservative site Big League Politics, the GOP reportedly knew that battleground states like Michigan were ill-prepared for fraud.

They knew, and they did nothing about it.

Instead of working to fix this prior to the 2020 election, the GOP looked the other way and declared they would do something about it for 2022.

If this isn’t proof that they were “in on it,” I don’t know what is…because who just sits back and basically YAWNS while all of this chaos is going on?

That’s not normal, especially for a powerful political party that wants to win.

Big League Politics reported on this story.

Here’s what the email said: “Sure the Democrats lied and cheated to win but the truth is that they out smarted (sic) us. They set the table in the courts before the election so they could do what they do so well. We got played. Now we know what is coming next time,” the lawyer stated.

Instead of us organizing a few weeks before 2022 we need to start now,” the lawyer added.

The attorney outlined how the Michigan Republican Party and their big-money attorneys completely dropped the ball on everything from election day operations to the fight for accountability after the robbery had occurred.

They literally did nothing on either issue.

And we know this is a fact because we all watched how the GOP just shrugged their shoulders over the “Big Lie” and moved on.

“The effort in Detroit smacked of last-minute preparation or no preparation at all. People arrived and were offered no direction. There was no set of guidelines on election law. I pressed to get a copy of the Michigan Secretary of State guidelines but we had no copier at the office. I had 60 copies made at my hotel and gave them out,” the attorney explained.

“From day to day we had little idea of what to do. Making calls to voters is a great idea but did we really need to fly lawyers in from all over the US to do that? That could have been done by anyone. It was a waste of talent and money,” they added.

The attorney is hoping that Republicans in Michigan and across the country improve their efforts in subsequent years, and they are willing to lead the effort so elections are not bumbled as they were in 2020.

What the heck was the GOP doing? They’re either the most inept buffoons on the planet, or they saw all the chaos and cheating and looked the other way.

If it’s true that the GOP really is this lackadaisical about our election system, then they’re un-saveable. We need to get rid of most of these turncoats and just start over.

This is an absolute smack in the face to millions of voters and conservatives definitely won’t be forgetting about this.