[VIDEO] Folks in India Claim “Western Press” is Wildly Exaggerating COVID Outbreak

Gee, why would the western press want to exaggerate COVID stories…hmmm. I wonder…?

Do you remember back when COVID first splashed on the scene, and all of those “doomsday” videos that were supposedly coming out of China flooded the internet? They showed people foaming at the mouth and dropping in the streets, police in hazmat suits shooting people who tried to flee Wuhan, among other dramatic things.

Well, those videos were debunked, however, they added the fuel to the small COVID fire that was just starting to burn, and helped turn it into a worldwide bonfire.

Why hasn’t anyone looked into those videos to find out where they came from? Who edited and created them and who distributed them?

Does nobody care about that? It was literally the first thing that struck the fear of God into people and made everyone panic…But they were fake, and again, nobody cares about that?

Well, we’re hearing some of that same sort of wild stuff out of India, as they reportedly deal with a “massive” COVID outbreak.

We’re hearing more of the same “mass grave” stuff we heard here in the US…Remember that supposed “mass grave” that was being dug in New York City….whatever happened to that?

But now, folks in India are saying “hold on, not so fast…”

Some people in India are reaching out and saying that it’s not so bad and that the “western press” is actually exaggerating what is happening.

Check out what Candace Owens said about it, and then watch the video she shared.

It’s really eye-opening and really alarming too.

“Has any journalist looked into this? I had received a lot of tweets and emails from people claiming to live in India saying that the Western press is lying about bodies being burned in the street. I admittedly have not looked into these allegations myself.”

If we had a serious media that was actually interested in truth and facts, not progressive politics and propaganda, we’d probably have a lot more answers right now.

But, sadly, we don’t.

As a matter of fact, on an undercover video, a member of the CNN higher-ups admitted that they amp up the “COVID fear” for ratings.

I am sure they do it for “politics” as well.

Our media is nothing more than a propaganda wing for the Democrats.

Truth and facts are not part of their agenda.