[VIDEO] Biden Voter Apologizes to Republicans, Says He Wants Trump Back in WH

Well, for what it’s worth, his apology does sound very sincere…

For a guy who won a supposed 82+million votes in the “most historic election” in the nation and who is the so-called most “beloved” politician in the world, there sure are a lot of people who aren’t happy with him, only a few months in.

Kinda bizarre, right? Doesn’t fit in with the story we’re being told.

You’ll never convince me that Joe Biden got 82 million votes – maybe 8.2 million, but not 82 – the man can’t even string a sentence together and hung out in his basement for a year.

Whatever the number of “legal” votes that he got, you can’t blame those people for being angry and regretting their votes now.

The country has gone back to the depressing 1970s in no time flat.

Unemployment is soaring, inflation is sky-high, and we literally have an Alzheimer’s patient in the White House.

And speaking of inflation…

Take a look at this:

And one Biden voter is so frustrated over Joe’s horrible job – all the taxes and how he won’t let the “little guy” get a leg up, that he went on camera to apologize to the Republicans for his vote and tell everyone that he wished Trump was back in office because Trump understands business.

Warning: Language

You can watch the video below:

I really don’t blame people like this for Biden being in the White House.

If the actual votes would have been tallied properly, and the country wouldn’t have been needlessly flooded with a tsunami of mail-in ballots, this man wouldn’t have had to make this video because Trump would still be where he belongs – and where the American people elected him to be.